Hydroelectric power

The utilisation of hydroelectric power entails the transformation of kinetic energy in waterfalls into electrical power. Reykjavik Energy’s oldest plant with that function is the Ellidaár Power Station in Reykjavík, which was launched in 1921.


The Ellidaár Power Station is now the pivotal point in the development of the history and technology exhibition which Reykjavik Energy is currently preparing in Elliðaárdalur.

The production of electricity comes with the responsibility of minimising its effect on the environment and biosphere of the waterfalls being used. For this reason we work in consultation with many stakeholders in the power plant operations.

Reykjavik’s hydropower in Sogið was built by Landsvirkjun when that company was founded in 1965. Reykjavik Energy acquired the Andakílsá Hydropower Station in Borgarfjörður when Akranes become one of the owners of Reykjavik Energy in 2002. ON Power runs that power station. Click here to learn more about the Andakílsá Hydropower Station.