Water conservation

Access to pure potable water is one of the most precious resources for residents and businesses alike.


Most people take clean, potable water for granted as a part of their daily lives. Lack of access to clean water can have grave consequences and people realise that it is unacceptable for the safety of potable water to be threatened.

Sustainable utilisation entails ensuring that future generations can enjoy the same opportunities as current generations to utilise the resources, and confirming our commitment to that goal. Because of the responsibility the company has been entrusted with, Reykjavik Energy will protect water sources from hazards and contamination.

Reykjavík Energy’s oldest water source is the Gvendarbrunnar cold springs in Heiðmörk. The water was first transported from there to the town in 1909 and Gvendarbrunnar still provide the city population with fresh, clean water.

The management of water utilities is in the hands of Veitur Utilities ohf., a subsidiary of Reykjavík Energy.

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