Privacy and information for applicants

Reykjavik Energy’s (OR) Privacy Policy

All of OR‘s handling of personal data is subject to the Act on data protection and processing of personal data and applicable rules in accordance with the Act. OR ensures that all processing of personal data within the company complies with the aforementioned Act and ensures that processors that gain access to personal data also comply with the Act.

OR informs individuals of the processing of personal data that takes place on behalf of the company and in what purpose it is performed. OR ensures that processing is not performed in any other purpose than already reported except with the full knowledge of the beneficiary and a satisfactory authorization under the Act on data protection.

Individuals can request information about the processing that takes place within OR and concerns them. They can object it if they consider it not to be in accordance with the applicable acts and regulations and, where appropriate, demand that false, misleading, or incomplete personal data be corrected or deleted.

Regarding the collection, usage, and processing of VOR‘s applicant‘s personal information.

  1. General
    Reykjavik Energy (OR) is a power and utility company that lays the foundation for the quality of life of the public. Reykjavik Energy's vision is to increase the quality of life with social responsibility as a guiding principle. The purpose of Reykjavik Energy's Research Fund (VOR) is to support this vision. The fund's objectives are mainly to support research related to the company's field of work, with an emphasis on the United Nations' Sustainable Development Goals that are a priority at any given time in accordance with the company's policy.

OR guarantees that all processing of applicant‘s personal information is in accordance with OR’s privacy policy, the Icelandic act on data protection, and the processing of personal data.

  1. The purpose for processing personal information
    Data about applicants will be used by VOR's professional council and their experts, to process applications, assess their quality, and make a proposal for allocation. If applicants receive funding, personal information will be used to enable the grant to be paid out. OR guarantees that personal information about applicants will not be used for any purpose other than that defined above except with the full knowledge and or consent of the applicants.
  2. Processing personal information, what rules and regulations apply?
    By applying, the applicant consents to the processing of personal data that is necessary to prepare an independent assessment of the application and to pay out a grant if the project is allocated funding.
  3. The types of personal information that is processed
    OR collects and processes the following types of information about its applicants/beneficiaries:

a) Name

b) E-mail address

c) Phone number

d) Professional title

e) Organization (company, university, other)

f) Academic history

g) CV (if applicable)

h) Identification number

i) Banking details

For applicants that do not receive funding from VOR, items a) – g) apply, but for applicants who become recipients all the above items apply.

  1. Recipients of personal information about applicants

Those involved in processing the application, and privileged to personal information are:

- The fund's staff

- The board of the fund

- The professional council of the fund

- Specialists (experts on behalf of the professional council)

Information about applicants is stored at OR or on behalf of a company in Iceland or with a verified partner within the EEA, where the rules and regulations on data protection and privacy are the same as in Iceland. Personal information will never be handed over to a third-party, unless it is mandatory by law, government directive, court order, processing agreement or with the customer’s full consent.

OR reserves the right to make public the name of the research, the name of the grant recipient, and the amount of the grant as stated in Article 6 of VOR's allocation rules.

  1. Duration of applicant‘s personal information storage
    OR saves personal information about applicants for the time required by law or is necessary, with regards to the purpose of the storage. OR is publicly owned and must therefore abide by the law of public archives, which limits OR’s authority to delete any data in its possession. Personal information, which OR is permitted to delete, will be deleted following an approval from a city archives archivist.
  2. Applicant’s right to protest, access, correction, and deletion of personal information
    An applicant has the full right to contest any processing of his personal information by OR if he deems the processing not in accordance with its purpose or against the principal of proportionality.

An applicant can request information regarding the processing of his personal information at OR if not hindered by the interest of another individual or legal entity. A request for the aforementioned information should be processed in a swift manner and should take no longer to process than one month from the day that the original request was received.

An applicant may also have the right to demand that all wrong, misleading, or improper personal information regarding him to be either corrected or deleted.

  1. Applicant’s right to file a complaint and to comment on the processing of his personal information
    Any complaints or comments that an applicant has regarding the processing of his personal information should be directed towards OR and the fund‘s email address, In the event of OR not responding to a complaint, a customer or his employee may send the complaint to the Reykjavik Energy corporation privacy officer at

A customer may also file a complaint to the Icelandic Data Protection Authority at

  1. Accuracy and reliability of information
    OR is liable for the reliability of personal information, and that any information regarding applicants is always updated accordingly.

Applicants must notify OR regarding any changes that must be made to his/her personal information that is stored by OR.

  1. Security of personal information concerning an applicant
    OR ensures the safety of personal information with technical- and organizational measures. Further information regarding these measures can be found in the internal operating handbook.

Access to personal information about a customer is limited to a group of staff which necessarily require such access in order to achieve the purpose of the processing. Employees are informed and aware of their duty to maintain the confidentiality and security of personal information to which they have access. Confidentiality remains after termination or resignation.

In other respects, than mentioned above, the processing of personal information shall always be in accordance with Icelandic law, especially law no. 90/2018 about data protection and the processing of personal information as well as the GDPR.

Reykjavik Energy Group’s privacy officer is Hörður Helgi Helgason, attorney at law at Landslög law firm, Borgartún 26, 105 Reykjavík, telephone: 520-2900,