Clean shores

Veitur Utilities manages the development and operation of wastewater systems in Reykjavik and Akranes and Borgarbyggd in West Iceland. Drainage from Kópavogur, Mosfellsbaer and Seltjarnarnes, in addition to parts of Gardabaer, is handled in waste water treatment plants at Ánanaust and Klettagardar, i.e. from about 60% of the population and all of Veitur’s collection areas enjoy waste-water treatment.

Clean shores – always, is Veitur’s objective. The design of the wastewater system must be altered to ensure unfiltered wastewater is not discharged into the sea due to malfunctions or maintenance. The first treatment plant of this new generation will be constructed within a few years. Also, Veitur are implementing blue-green surface water solutions to reduce strain on sewage systemss.

The picture shows Veitur’s sewage system in the capital area and how and where it is monitored how it serves its sanitary purpose.

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