Chief Executive Officer

Sævar Freyr Þráinsson nýráðinn forstjóri Orkuveitunnar.
© Einar Örn Jónsson

Sævar Freyr Þráinsson is the CEO of Reykjavík Energy (RE)

An executive with broad experience, Sævar was the CEO of Síminn, Iceland‘s leading telecommunications company, 365 media corporation, and, most recently, served as the Mayor of Akranes municipality. Since Akranes is one of the owners of RE, Sævar had a previous role to play in relation to the company where he, for example, supported the progress of Carbfix, and used his experience and background in projects related to Ljósleiðarinn (Reykjavík Fibre Network).

Sævar has a cand. oecon in business administration from the University of Iceland with a focus on marketing. He worked at Síminn for 18 years, including seven years as the CEO. He was the CEO of 365 Media for three years before returning to his hometown of Akranes to serve as Mayor in 2017.

Sævar has been either the chairperson or board member of 17 companies in IT, software development, telecommunications, financial technology and banking solutions, pension funds, marine sales and R&D center in Iceland, UK, Sweden, and Denmark. He has also served on the boards of several charitable, social, or business-related associations, such as The Chamber of Commerce, a football club, and a hospital charity foundation to name a few.

Sævar Freyr Þráinsson (photo in full resolution)

Managing directors

People & Technology


Ellen Ýr Aðalsteinsdóttir, head of People and Technology, has a Diploma in human resources management from the University of Iceland and has worked in human resources since 2006. First as a human resources consultant at Síminn and from 2017 as a human resources leader at Reykjavík Energy. Ellen has been involved in various matters related to human resources at RE and has, among other things, been a sponsor for management in the implementation of human resources policy. Ellen has also been so-called growth agent whose goal is to create value for customers, staff and operations of RE.

Ellen Ýr Aðalsteinsdóttir (photo in full resolution)

Research & Innovation

Hera Grímsdóttir

Hera Grímsdóttir is the managing director of Research & Innovation. Hera has a master's degree in civil engineering with a focus on construction and decision-making, as well as an MBA degree from the University of Reykjavík. Since 2018, she has been the president of Reykjavík University's Faculty of Industry and Technology, but was previously the director of the construction department at the school's Faculty of Technology and Engineering. Hera has extensive management and project management experience in complex projects. She previously worked at the engineering firm EFLA, first in the energy department and later in the construction department. Between 2011 and 2015, she managed international high-tech projects at the prosthetics manufacturer Össur.

Hera Grímsdóttir (photo in full resolution)


Snorri Þorkelsson Vef-00244.jpg

Snorri Hafsteinn Þorkelsson is the managing director of Finances. Snorri brings a vast international experience to Orkuveitan, from Baader in Iceland and Skaginn 3X. Before that, he worked for over a decade as financial manager at Marel in Iceland and later as financial manager of the fishing industry at Marel. Snorri was Dohop's financial director for four years. Snorri graduated with a BSc. in business administration from the University of Reykjavík in 2005 and an MAcc in accounting and auditing from the same school two years later.

Managing directors of subsidiaries


Sólrún Kristjánsdóttir

Sólrún Kristjánsdóttir is the Managing Director of Veitur Utilities , completed a BA in pedagogy and teaching from the University of Iceland in 1998 and a masters in Strategy and Business Administration from the same university in 2004. She started working in human resources management at Reykjavik Energy in 2004, was in charge of staff development from 2006 and head of human resources from 2012. Sólrún previously worked as a teacher and consultant at Stuðlar, a state rehab centre for young people.

Sólrún Kristjánsdóttir (photo in full resolution)

Reykjavik Fibre Network


Einar Þórarinsson has a B.Sc. degree in Computer Science from the University of Reykjavík and worked i.a. as director of operations and IT at Vodafone. Then he was the director of services and inside IT at Advania and later the executive director. Since 2021, Einar has worked at the health technology company Sidekick Health in product design and development of the central part of the technology solution, as well as leading the planning of technical operations.

ON Power

Árni Hrannar Haraldsson

Árni Hrannar Haraldsson has been based in Switzerland since 2011, where he was most recently the Executive Vice President of Global Supply Chain at MS PHARMA for several years, a multi-national generic pharmaceutical company with operations around the world.

Árni Hrannar has also worked in leadership roles at Xantis Pharma in Switzerland, Actavis, and 66° North. Árni has extensive experience as an executive in market-leading companies, both domestically and internationally, and has been responsible for extensive operations in those companies.

He completed his B.SC. in chemistry from the University of Iceland in 1997, and M.SC. degree in operational engineering from Danmarks Tekniske Universitet (DTU) in 2000.

Árni Hrannar Haraldsson (mynd í fullri upplausn)


Edda Sif Pind Aradóttir

Edda Sif Pind Aradóttir is the CEO of Carbfix and carbon disposer. A chemical engineer, she completed her doctorate from the University of Iceland in 2001. Earlier, Edda worked as director of innovation and prospects in the department of research and innovation at Reykjavík Energy (RE), as well as project manager at Carbfix from 2011. In her work for RE, Edda was leader of strategic projects regarding sustainable utilisation of natural resources, and headed extensive international innovation projects, supported by EU climate and energy framework. Edda has been a tireless speaker about carbon disposal as a countermeasure against climate crisis, in some of the world’s most widely distributed media platforms, and at strategic events organised by various heads of state. Edda started working for RE in 2003.

Edda Sif Pind Aradóttir (photo in full resolution)

Principal units

Under the CEO there are two heads of specialised divisions, who work with all the units of Reykjavík Energy.



Breki Logason is an experienced Head of Communication at Reykjavík Energy with a diverse background in media, journalism, and business. He graduated with an MBA degree from Reykjavík University in 2015, which further enhanced his knowledge and skills in communication and marketing. His career has been marked by extensive experience in the media industry, where he has worked as a journalist, reporter, and news director. Breki's versatility and strategic thinking have allowed him to excel in diverse professional settings, including the advertising sector. He also founded a tourism company, Your Day Tours, in 2015, and played a key role in the company's growth and success.

Breki Logason (photo in full resolution)

Legal affairs & Compliance

Elín Smáradóttir

Elín Smáradóttir, Reykjavík Energy’s General Counsel, graduated in law from the University of Iceland in 1994 and qualified as District Court advocate in 1996. She worked for the National Planning Agency between 1994-2003 and later at the National Energy Authority until 2008 when she joined Reykjavík Energy.

Elín Smáradóttir (photo in full resolution)