Land reclamation

Reykjavík Energy and its subsidiaries administer 19,000 hectares of land, which the companies have acquired to utilise the resources to be found there - geothermal energy and potable water. The areas are made accessible to the public as much as possible and an emphasis is placed on carefully restoring the area after construction.

In tandem with the utilisation of resources, Reykjavík Energy and the company’s predecessors have worked on land reclamation. Forestry was extensive for a long period, two prominent examples of which are the Elliðaárdalur Valley and Öskjuhlíð.

In the main outdoor activity areas, Heiðmörk and the Hengill area, work is continuously being done on maintaining hiking trails and improving sign posts for hikers. The vegetation that is removed for construction is increasingly being set aside and then re-used to restore the vegetation cover once construction work is complete.

Uppgræðsla á stígum - fyrir og eftir

Work in progress on improving hiking trails in the Hengill area. The combined length of the trails is 110 km.


Here you can see how the disturbance caused by construction is repaired with local vegetation. More details on ON Power’s website