Key priorities in human resource management

Reykjavik Energy places an emphasis on applying targeted human resources management, which fully optimises the company’s workforce. Conditions are created to enable the staff to reconcile their work and family responsibilities as much as possible.

We ensure our staff enjoy equal rights. The human resources policy is founded on the values and comprehensive policy of Reykjavik Energy and is established in accordance with the Group’s ownership policy.

Good working environment

We operate in a positive working atmosphere characterised by a strong team spirit, a constructive exchange of views and tolerant relations. We place an emphasis on the safety of our staff and a healthy environment and ensure that our employees’ equipment is exemplary in all fields. Conditions are created to enable our staff to reconcile their work and family responsibilities as much as possible. Workplace bullying or sexual harassment will not be tolerated in any shape or form.

Professional appointments

Recruitment is founded on a professional process in which equal rights and impartiality are ensured and selections are made on the basis of experience, education and competence to take on the job. We carefully welcome our new recruits and they are strategically given staff training and briefed on the activities of the company.

Strategic job development

We place an emphasis on our staff’s skills by investing in targeted training and broad education to provide them with the necessary knowledge and competence to achieve results at work. Staff development is the joint task of staff and management and is based on active feedback on their performance. This gives staff opportunities to take on greater responsibilities and work in diversified projects. Our terms of employment and benefits are competitive and take into account the nature of the job, performance, responsibility, demands and market conditions. Our staff enjoys equal rights when it comes to wages, rewards and staff training.

Performance management

We employ skilled and keen staff who strive to achieve results. Tasks are therefore assigned according to competence where the strengths and initiatives of each individual can be put to good use. Staff members regularly receive straightforward and constructive feedback on their performance.

Analysis and dissemination of know-how

The evolution of the Group depends on having staff with the appropriate education, experience and skills and an emphasis is therefore placed on diversified and systematic analysis to ensure this continues to be the case in the future. An emphasis is placed on ensuring that staff have easy access to information to perform their jobs well and that employees share their know-how with their colleagues.