OR’s Equality Policy

The equality policy is OR‘s commitment to continuous improvement based on equality.

OR bases its equality policy on the human rights provisions of the constitution. OR’s equality policy aims to value individuals on their own merits and for them to enjoy equal rights. The company systematically works to ensure that:

  • The employee benefits of women and men are equal.
  • The ratio between men and women, working at OR and within its groups and departments, is equal.
  • Diversity within OR is increased, e.g. when it comes to gender, age, sexuality, religion, opinion, nationality, race, economic stance, family relations, and position in other respects.
  • Employees maintain a healthy work-life balance.
  • A culture of equality is reinforced.
  • Employees are educated and made aware of topics and challenges of minority groups.
  • Bullying, gender-based violence, gender-based harassment, and sexual harassment within the workplace is counteracted.
  • Equality considerations are accounted for in policy-making and larger decisions.
  • Good access and good work facilities based on physical and mental ability are provided.

OR meets all laws, rules, and regulatory requirements when it comes to equality issues.

The equality policy is based on OR’s values and strategy and is presented in accordance with the company‘s ownership strategy.

[Policy reviewed and approved at board meeting 22.03.2021]