Carbfix participates in Glacier Friday campaign

26. nov 2020

Photography and Film Benjamin Hardman

“Glaciers make Iceland an extraordinary place. Let's do what we can to keep it that way.‘”

2020 is the second year Icelandic clothing company 66°North organizes its Glacier Friday campaign. Instead of

offering consumer discounts, 25% of 66°North‘s sales revenue this weekend will go directly in support of the environment. The campaign is also focused on telling stories to enhance awareness of environmental issues, how dire the situation has become – but also the innovative technology that is being developed to combat these changes. One of these stories is that of Carbfix.

Photography and Film Benjamin Hardman

Why a clothing company?

66°North‘s goals and ideals fit well with us here at Carbfix and we are both happy to collaborate with them to call attention to the fight against climate change and are thankful for to the opportunity to introduce Carbfix‘s unique technology of turning CO2 into stone to a new demography. The Carbfix method is a permanent and environmentally friendly solution that we believe will become an important contributor in solving one of the most urgent problems of our times: Global warming that threatens all of our existence.

66°North has put a strong emphasis on sustainability in all its work and processes, with a focus on durability and quality instead of instant fashion. It is furthermore a carbon neutral company, thanks to its use of green energy, fleet of electric vehicles, and responsible work processes throughout the supply chain.

Although 66°North and Carbfix don‘t operate in the same industries, they share the same vision and now, more than ever, it is important to stand together in the fight against global warming.

Read more about 66°North sustainable vision here:

Carbfix - We turn CO2 into stone - video

Photography and Film Benjamin Hardman